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Imeuble #two

VendorBy Corporation

Product Description

Imeuble #two comes in ready assembled blocks of 3 boxes with a hexagon backplate, allowing the customer to easily assemble their own unique version of the Imeuble.

The Valchromat edition is available in 11 colors so each customer has the opportunity to play with various colour combinations and create the Imueble that best fits the mood of their room

As By/ only produce extremely high quality products, research and development has been undertaken to ensure only the most suitable materials are used. The research ended up with the selection of Valchromat a high quality and coloured MDF. In addition to the coloured Valchrohmat material each box and backplate has been coated with an additional layer of varnish to produce a stronger more vibrant colour. 


Blue | Green | Yellow | Orange | Red | Brown | Chocolate Brown | Black | Grey | Violet | Light Grey

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