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Fly Me To The Moon

VendorBy Corporation

Product Description

The Fly Me To The Moon chair is an imposing piece that can make an impact even in a large sparse room, and the design marries just the right balance of form and function.


The chair features a rigid design structure providing a beautiful frame with exquisite details and proportions that look equally elegant from all sides. The looks aside, the main focus when designing Fly Me To The Moon was to deliver extreme comfort and it has surpassed the aim in this regard.


On first viewing Fly Me To The Moon can represent and capture the idea of an open flower or perhaps even a more friendly version of a cactus plant waiting to swallow you and hug you once you are in position.


When it comes to the slightly unusual title of this chair, the space age name 'Fly Me To The Moon' is relevant for more than one reason. Firstly the chair is certainly big and comfortable enough to sit in for long periods and the early astronauts would have been more than happy for such comfort on their voyage! 


Secondly the deep spacious nature of the chair and curved hugging edges give you the feeling of being wrapped up in your own self contained planet as you sink into it, whether you sit in the chair alone or with a loved one or family pet.


Finally, when viewed from the rear the chair offers minimalistic sharp angles and seems to be leaning back, facing up to the sky with its arms open, almost offering up whoever sits in it as a gift to the heavens. 


Price example with Gabriel Europost 100% Wool fabric

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