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Dear Past

VendorBy Corporation

Product Description


To stand in the background is not necessarily a sign of weakness, it can be the opposite, a conscious choice or a silent protest.


‘Dear Past’ brings a great subtlety in its design which reflects this sentiment. ‘Dear Past’ offers thought provoking design without shouting aggressively with bold colours or extreme new textures.


The chair was designed in such a way to express humility, and respect for the design history and craft of Swedish chair tradition, but with a modern and unexpected alteration.


Through it’s design ‘Dear Past’ cleverly negotiates mood swings between the modesty and craftsmanship of the past and the creative expression and possibilities of the present.


‘Dear Past’ designer Linnéa Ekström explains how the design came about as she herself left the past and started a new future:


‘During the moment I made this chair I began a new period, moving to Norway and starting a new school. The outcome of this move was that I created something kind and dear to home.’


As the name suggests ‘Dear Past’ is like a love letter to the security of home, memories of the past and Swedish Tradition. At the same time its modern twist embraces the openness, uncertainty and excitement of the future. Dear Past is a remarkable design and certainly something worth writing home about.

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