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About Ekström

‘Dear Past’ an intriguing chair created by Linnéa Ekström. 

Linnéa is 23 years old, still in school but on the verge of beginning a very successful career as a contemporary furniture designer.

Linnéa explains her design thought process:
‘With irritating silence things are talking to us with their body language, like fantasy figures connected to us, they have a longing to tell. To be able to see the personality of the designer or a concentration of a social phenomenon in physical objects, gives a greater added value to their design.’
‘I want to intensify the visual language which today can be seen as pale with emptied habitats. With clear communication, diversity and our physical perception as a starting point I want people to extended their relationship with objects through colour, form and material. Then design can truly progress in its impact.’

For By Corporation ‘Dear Past’ reinforces our commitment to exceptional young Scandinavian designers. We believe that the heritage of good design in this part of the world is so strong that the next generation can again surprise and enthrall us all.  As Linnéa says of herself and her fellow classmates:
‘I have the privilege to still be in school to enjoy being part of the exploration of design and art.
The contemporary is in our hands.’