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Sigurd Strøm

Designers for By/

“Our job is to capture brilliant ideas, realize and give life to them for a conscious international design market through our multi-disciplinary expertise.” By/ aims to realize the best of ideas. Ideas that stand out conceptually and that challenge the user mentally. Our products will question the conventional and allow...

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Why should we keep on designing ?

My experience of contemporary design is that it has become so superficial. Too much is about making useless trinkets or delicately wrapping bad ideas, with the result that our surroundings become futile through visual pollution. Somehow I feel this reflects the Western culture, our greed and its flattening.   As...

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About Strøm


As well as being a founder of By, Sigurd also is a Professor in Furniture Design with the responsibility for this discipline at the Oslo National Academy Of The Arts.
He develops ideas mainly for industrial production but also works with sculpture related projects. His design are made in Norway, Denmark, Poland, Germany, Austria, Lithuanina and China and distributed worldwide. In parallel, he works continuously with sculpture related projects, which provide the freedom to work with form and concepts in new ways. This because design itself requires restrictions while art have a freer approach.  
"As a performer it has always been important to me to emphasize form, concept and experience. What gives an object identity primarily is based on it´s exterior and therefor the viewer´s first notice - even though it does not always happen consciously.
What gives the object meaning depends on how well the concept is communicated. In an educational context, the challenge lies in communicating knowledge and experience to students in product design as well as in object and space related form. For me it is important not to isolate areas while working inter disciplinary"
Want to join our team of designers ?
Please feel free to contact me:  sigurd (at)