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The Plunger unveils at the Stockholm Furniture Fair 2014

Every year at the annual Stockholm Furniture Fair at least one new By Product has exploded onto the scene and shook some of the world's best creative minds into submission - a trend looks set to continue at Stockholm 2014. This year By will announce the launch of an intriguing new pendant light called The Plunger Lamp. To bring the Plunger to life, By has nurtured a partnership with talented Danish design duo Nikolaj Duve and Kasper Meldgaard, collectively known as design studio Says Who. Now the dream is to take the design into contemporary homes and public spaces around the world. 


About the design.

The fun and playful design of the Plunger pendant light not only intrigues and delights with its shape, but also by its textures. Rubberwood has been used to create the base as a compliment to a silicone rubber shade. The contemporary matt colours and impossibly smooth looking nature of the rubber is not something you usually see in modern interior design. In fact the Plunger is almost reminiscent of the beautifully smooth textures seen in a clay stop motion animation coming to life and entering into the real world. The overall effect is one of beauty, fun and simplicity.


As the name suggests the look and feel of the pendant has been deliberately made to mimic that of a plunger – an ordinary every day object repurposed to tell a new story. It is seeing an item like this taken out of its original context, and placed into a beautiful modern residential or commercial space that creates the slightly surreal and joyous nature of the design. And you can be sure that was the deliberate intention of the Plunger's designers. Nikolaj and Kasper say of the work:


'The Plunger Lamp stands as a testament to the fact that we are surrounded by creative possibilities and that even everyday products posses hidden potential and stories worth telling.'