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Imeuble Video

The TV program "Nasjonalgalleriet" focuses on innovative design and Art. It is only in Norwegian (sorry) - but got English subtitles. Enjoy.


About Blikstad


Imueble was first discovered in the mind and sketchbook of a young designer from Norway. Bjørn Jørund Blikstad, an avant-garde furniture designer and masters degree graduate from Oslo National Academy of the Arts, was tired of traditional shelving options and wanted to discover what happens when utility and design collide.

‘I was intrigued by the concept of a link between the storage inside and outside our minds. An idea that our memory functions are spatial, like when you’re reading a book, spatial images occur of scenes and characters. It’s that transition from the two dimensional to a feeling of three dimensions that is very fascinating.’

With Imeuble, Blikstad has achieved an incredible and engaging representation of that transition of memory from 2D to 3D that not only looks beautiful but also works beautifully too.